Suggestions By Circle Dock Supporter One Lump Sum:

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Suggestions By Circle Dock Supporter Kyle Witt:

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::Suggestion 1 - Media Player Control::

I use iTunes & Windows Media Player. Mainly iTunes since I own a iPod Touch. Anyway I thought it would be a great idea if say iTunes or Windows Media Player was running that you can have a on screen remote to control said program. Here is an example of what I mean by that.


When the said player is running, you could click and hold your mouse on the icon and a remote would pop out, allowing you to move it on the screen. When done with remote, you could close it.

::Suggestion 2 - Docklets Or Widgets::

Lets face it, Windows Vista comes with them and so does Mac OS X and Linux as well. So I figure it would be a neat idea on have little docks or widgets running on your dock. Here is an example that I made using photoshop:


When you click on the item you could choose to have whatever program you want run with said widget or docklet. I think every dock program needs this.

::Suggestion 3 - Minimize Feature & Stacks::

In my other email I told you that seeing stacks would be awsome along with a to minimize windows to the dock. I have made a picture using photoshop to demonstrate on how it would look. However the stacks option does have like a grid looking view on Mac OS X which is what I went with here. When the user clicks on a folder they dragged, the contents of the folder would popup. Or you could have it where they could put whatever they wanted in that folder.


I hope this helps.
PS: Everything you see for examples was used using Adobe Photoshop. I do not write code but I can get the point across using the tools that I have such as photos.

Thanks again for reading and I really hope you implement these features.

Kyle W

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