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Circle Dock 0.9.1 is written using Microsoft Visual Basic Express 2008 (.Net). The code is not fully documented or organized yet since this was put together in the span of 2 weeks. A clean up will do done as time permits.

Due to the nature of GDI graphics, you cannot edit the main forms used for the drawing of the dock in the program like you normally would. Instead, you have to do it all through code. You will get an error message if you try opening the forms used to render the graphics. They can safely be ignored.

The most important functions are the PaintBackground() in DockWindow and Paint() in DockManager. They deal with how the program draws the dock. Currently, the dock is rendered as one image with hotzones. In the future, this might need an architecture change to allow for advanced dock features. It might require that each dock item is actually an individual form instead of drawing everything as a single image.

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